Blend / Wednesday’s Daily Dish

Bill and Carley chat with Cafe Pignoli about their Thanksgiving dinner specials and talk about the latest in food, fashion, news and entertainment.
Good wednesday morning i’m carley wegner.nnWild bill here. If not all in body al in spirit. A little under the weather forenovember 17 but you know who will perk me up? These kids right here.nnAnd mcdonald’s alwa helps.nnThank you very much. We love it.nnGood morning.nnCheer, chers, cheers. We are close to thanksgiving, a great time on “the morning blend” To say thank you so much to a couple of our great friends. From cafe pignoli, chef robert on his partner in the kitchen and in crime the beautiful, one on only barbara. Good morning.nnGood morning, thank you.nnSo is this right? For thanksgiving, which is just a week away, cafe pignoli opening their doors to the community.nnWe are. We are. We are hosting a bountiful thanksgiving dinner for al those in ned in the community at the pavilion and cape harbour.nnFrom noon to 3:0.nnNoon to 3:00.nnAnybody can come. It is open to anybody. You are



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