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on… frustration and anger continues to grow along the gulf coast as the oil spill spreads from louisiana to alabama — and soon — possibly florida. right now an oil sheen about 7 miles off the coast of pensacola two children are hit by a truck on northeast 11th terrace — which is near andalusia boulevard and pine island road. one of the girls has died. police say 27 year old jacob amann was driving that truck. the five year old died on the scene.. the 8 year old was taking to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. now to news across the pond… at least twelve are dead, and some 25 people injured after a taxi driver goes on a shooting spree in england. police say before they could capture the suspect turned the gun on himself. the shootings happened in the town of whitehaven — about 350 miles northwest of london. this rampage is the deadliest mass shooting in britain — si



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