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Coming up on “the morning blend” We head to one of the finest furniture stores in southwest florida, in fact on the planet we are cooking up fan pleasing goodies for the football bash and three keys to dig yourself out of debt. We here at the blend are ready to make it a great monday. ? ?nnCan we do this?nnYes.nnGood morning, everybody. I’m bill wood. You can call me wild bil. It is monday, january 31, 2011. My partner, carley wegner is taking this monday morning of. If you are going to take a day off, why not take monday, right? That’s the best day to take of.nnLong weekend.nnHere in her place the magnificent chef martin of munich. Round of applause as we welcome you back to “the morning blend.” Thank you. [applause] very good, chef martin. You get a standing ovation. I get nothing. You also get from mcdonald’s because we are lovin’ it, iced or hot chocolate. Which do you prefer?nnI thi



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