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successfully attached. the navy unveils its latest in high-tech combat ships — the u-s-s freedom. the new vessel’s speed and versatility are designed to lead counter-piracy missions in dangerous waters. when designing it — they navy wanted to be able to do whatever is necessary. the cost of the ship was also very important. it’s only about $600 million. maytag is recalling one-point-seven million dishwashers because of an electrical failure that may cause a fire. the company says the plastic tubing within the dishwasher can cause overheating. [z6]wx cut in-wx jamie ad libs wx for 25 seconds male or female and what your age was and then they would have ads that would be geared towards who you were. >> yeah. >> i mean that’s happening now. >> oh, yeah, with television. >> minority report or one of those with tom cruise, one of the high-tech movies where they were showing that stuff and i



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