Blend / Cupcakes

Carley gives a special cupcake shout-out and Bill lends his hand behind the camera.
Welcome back. We have been celebrating valentine’s day all wek long. I think it is good all month long. Part of the reason we are doing that, we are going to give thomas one of our camera guys a shout out. Where are the cupcakes, thomas? Bring them in. I was impressed. Both i brought in fod on monday.nnHave a seat. You are done for the day. About ready to clock out? You have been here since early this morning.nnOur producer brought in food as well on monday and then you actually baked these, thomas?nnYes.nnCan we get a close-up of these?nnLook at that.nnNot only did you bake them –.nnI could run the camera while you’re sitting there hosting the show.nnNot only did you bake these but you decorated them with pink icing and sprinkles. I’m very impressed, thomas. Now you’re pink from blushing.nnYes.nnThere we go. Hold still. I’ve got the shot.nnThere we go.nnYeah!nnGood job bill, good job t



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