Blaze VooDoo Shrimp

We’re cooking Blaze VooDoo Shrimp with Blaze East Side Restaurant.
>> all right. >> it gets colder, my friends, as you head up.as >> thanks so much, courtney. let’s head over to the kitchen.. vince, what’s cookincng? >> i haveav my man, blaiseai ashas. we have blaze voodoo shrimp. it’s going to be spicey. >> it is going to be spicey. >> what hav e wee got? >> we have a recipe that the chef, owner of blaze created from the new orleans side of cuisine. >> i don’t think your mic isnk turnedtu on. where do they have the pocket at. start talking now. start again, asth. >> ok. >> all right>>. you didn’t hear h me. i said chickenck before. we have shrimp. how about that. t.tell us again. u >> it’s voodoo i shrimp, that we’re going to makeak today. od it’s a recipe coming from new orleans, southern style cuisine, ,it is spicey, we have jalapenos, os cayenne pepper, we have some homemade shrimp stock, which s we e make from the shrimp shells. >> oh, wow. that’s



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