Blaze Restaurant Wins At World Of Flavors

Blaze East Side restaurant won the Americana award at the World of Flavors.
world of w flavors and it was avso good.od usually when i smell this kind of — this scent with garlic andh basil and that sort of stuff, we’re cooking ian food, butd, you guys are yousing a iust in a dierent way and i have to soay, the fact that your name is ash and you work for blaze restaurants, kind ofd appropriate, don’t you think?on >> i would say so. >> tell me what we’reha going to be doing over here. >> you’re going to be cutting some bread that we use for the f crostini. >> >>and this is fresh bread, i thought that you kind of leftt it out to crisp it up. that would be my technique. . that’s the wrong’s technique. >> it’s not the wrong technique, a lot of times people use day old bread for crostini.ro >> is this a good size? >> about a quarter of an inch, and we just need six of them for this dish. >> and basically what we’re w going to do is marinade thear shrimp and this is a



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