Blackened Scallops With Mango Salsa

Marco Novelli from The Avon Old Farms Inn shares his recipes.
>> and now “taste appeal.” >> thanks, jackie. we’re back in the kitchen, and we’re about to cook up some scallops and mango salsa. it smells really good. we have marco here. he’s from the avon old farms inn. how are you, marco. >> fine, how are you? >> fantastic, thanks. let’s get started because scallops, it smells really good. i can’t wait to make it and taste it. >> i had you and rob set up with pans so those at home can see you in action. >> that’s important. >> i would like to say i’m the guy who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, but i am. >> first step, marco, we have to add cajun spice to the scallops. >> you guys can mess up with that a little bit. >> do we do three, four? >> three, put it right in. this is nice, i get to watch somebody else cook for a change, have you guys do it. >> mix it up. >> mix it up a little bit. >> marco, tell us about the avon old farms inn while yo



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