Black Otter Supper Club

black otter in hortonville
his grandparents before them n. 2003 we ended up buying it from them, wanted to keep the tradition going. >> i grew up in this business. i’ve been here my whole life. my grandpa bought in it ’64 and i was born in ’74, so i’ve been here my whole life, it’s part of me, that’s why we kept it part of us. >> i always wanted to have a supper club, why, notify idea. when ways 15 i started working at a local super club and i happened to meet bob and his parents owned the supper club and it ended up going my way. [ laughter ] ? ? >> a traditional wisconsin supper club works, you come in, you register you, get a number and you sit at the barks and you wait for your waitress, you have a couple drinks. when your number comes out they take your order, the table cops up, they send you to your table, you go out and have your salad, and your fod comes out. i think that’s with a the tradition is. ? >> we



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