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Half Price Deal
sunshine…and temps in the eighties…this week…and into the weekend.don’t waste a minute of this weather! get out and enjoy the cities. be a tourist …in r own wn. ‘ll get >>> get out and enjoy the city. ab tourist in your own town. >> don’t forget your sunscreen, like i did or you’ll end up ine ne trouble. some are calling lower town st. paul arty, diverse, with astarting no-non nonsense relaxed vibe. we’re taking to for a drink at wine bar. >> we don’t want to be a wine snob bar, and so we want to be very approachable, very friendly in every way. we encourage people to ask questions, and so we’re here to help educate people on wine. if someone comes in and order as wine zin if i del, i direct them toward a wine they wouldn’t normally try. it gives them an oportunity to taste wines they normally wouldn’t. >> here you won’t break the bank trying a new wine. >> it’s $1, $2 an ounce.



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