Black Chicken

Neil Fuentes prepares black chicken
>> valentine’s stay a couple weeks away and today asensational singing chef neil fuentes will show us a dish that is right for you honey and complete on your pocket. oh, boy. >> ? heavn, i’m in heaven and my heartbeats so that i can heartly sing ? ? >> how are you? >> i’m fabulous. good to have you back. >> good so eyou too. >> you see why we call him the sensational singing chef with those lyrics. how have you been? >> i’m good. working a lot, cooking a lot. >> today we have your mother’s recipe, something you grew up eating. >> five years old i started eating this recipe. black chicken and you will se why. >> set up what we need make this. >> you obviously ned chicken, brown sugar which will make it black because 9 the molasses, et cetera. and adobo. >> the first thing we do is what? >> put the brown sugar in the oil, it is melting and becoming a caramel. >> you took the brown sugar an



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