Black Bean Soup

recipe from zuppas
and it’s pretty easy, just takes plate of time. we have a pot started here, heating up a little bit. i’m going to at a little little bit of vegetable oil or olive oil. i’m using olive oil, but vegetable oil is fne. we’re going to add some diced carrots, this is about two carrots about, a half a cup. going to add the same of white onion, yellow onion, it could be red onion, it really doesn’t matter. add that, and then i have some celery. same thing. we’re going to saute this up. i’m going to add a little bit of garlic, probably about three cloves’ worth, chopped. you can buy the choped stuff already, it’s easier. and mix that around. then we’re going to use dried black beans. you can buy them in the bean section at the store, one-pound packages. you can add about a pound of black beans to that. and then i’m going to ad some cumin and some coriander. cumin is a spice used in mexican food b



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