Black Bean Chili

Lisa Corrado’s black bean chili recipe.
busy people eat healthier. >> yes, sheye is lisa is here to get us started on a delicious and healthy recipe. thank you for joining us. >> thank you f or hav ying me again. >> you are a nutritionist and a teacher so perfect to teach us to eat beter. you are a flexatarian. >> like a part time vegetarian, somebody who eats primarily plants but is willing to eat fish and meat sometimes too, noto,n ready to give it completely up. >> so they incorp trait into their diet a couple — incorporate it into their diet a a couple times a week. >> here and there, maybe a little bacon in the eggs but not a big serving all the time. >> i’mi min luck today because i’m a ve getarian and you are a flex-etarian. what are we going for make is. >> the t best-ever chilly. it is a black bean base but what is perfect is if you have meat eaters in the family, you can, cook cook up chicken and grounnd turkey and



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