Black Bean Burger

curlys black bean burger
is going show us how to make them. >> hi, amy. it is chef at lambeau field. today i will show you how to make curly’s vegetarian black bean burger. a great burger. i looks like a burger. it tastes like a burger but there is no meat. we got 14 ingredients so we’ll get started. our main ingredient, the main sort of texture to the burger are the black beans. these are canned black beans that i pured. so i will ahead to add those. next i have a little bit of white onion. go ahead an add that. some diced jalapenos these are just for flavor. add as little or much as you like. i like heat so i will add a couple of sponfuls. next, another great part of the bigger also binds it up is coked brown rice. plain coked brown rice. we’ll ahead to ad that. hex we have our oat bran, just plain oat bran, you can buy it at the store. oatmeal would work as well. next our spices, i have got some great spices



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