Black Apple Burbon Cocktail

cocktail recipe from american club in kohler
of participation, little bit of sweet. very nice. >> welcome to the immigrant winery bar. i have a great holiday cocktail here, 2 black apple bourbon. we’re going to create fresh apple with bourbon and blain. we’re going to start by pressing fresh apple here, a granny smith apple. we’re going to put that into the fruit press. this is all you’ll need. so we’re going to take this over into our shaker here. we’re going to muddle 2 blackberries with that right in there. when you muddle this out you’re going to want to squeeze down and just create some of the juice you’re going to get out of the blueberry. it is — blackberry. it’s going to bring out the sweetness. then we’re going to add ice here. and we’re using basil, 8 year bourbon out of kentucky. this is going to add a really nice intense flavor to this. and just a little bit we’re going to add simple syrup, this is basically just sugar



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