Black And Blue Burgers

Black and Blue Burgers
cookies, a little bit of espresso bean in the middle. we’re going to start with really fun summer burgers. who wants to be inside, i try to do everything outside. eat outside, cook you had. i’m going to make some black and blue burgers. i better get these on the grill. we’re doing these inside but if i were at home i’d be doing them outside. big, beautiful burgers, ann. these are big! makes about 4-6 burkers, depending — burgers, depending how big you want your patties. black and blue burgers. first of all, burgers are back big time. all the rave, they’re really on trend. i read a lot about food trends and i’m trying to keep up with what’s hot. a lot of weddings and fancy functions they’re serving mini gourmet burgers, there is actual a restaurant in vegas — actually burger restaurant, upsale burger restaurants are one of the hottest new restaurant trends right now. there is a burger p



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