BK Carne Asada & Hot Dogs

BK Carne Asada & Hot Dogs sells the best Sonoran-style hot dog in Tucson, as decided by Food Wars on the Travel Channel.
> tucson is famous for the heat, the golf and the sonoran hotdogs. while you may have chowed down on tasty dogs, some would say you can’t lived until you have tasted this one. here now from bk is jose. tell us a little bit about bk’s, famous. >> yes, we are. the travel channeling — >> that was amazing. >> bk started in 1994. it was just a hotdog stand. it eventually grew into the big taco stand and ended up buying a big piece of land and put a building on it. it grew one of tucson’s most popular restaurants. >> tel us about food works. >> they got five local celebrities. it was a blind taste. took three days to film. the food war was on the last day. it was a blind taste test. they take a few bites of each dog and write notes and everything. and bk’s won four to one. > that’s — were you expecting to win? > yeah. we were. what does bk stand for? > it stands for the owner, benjamin and h



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