Bizarre Bacon Food

If you love bacon, then read about some of the crazy bacon products now on the market.
>>> when you think of baking, you usually think of eating it as the first meal of day. i have seen it around the valley in the form of dessert. i thought we would do a bit of sampling with my willing participant, sort of, stephanie sandoval. this is how it came to be. i’ve been going all over the valley, farmers markets, and saw some bacon ice cream. >> yeah. >> and someone told me about bacon brittle. and someone else told me about bacon cookies. i thought we have to try it out. >> when you say we have to try this out, let’s be honest. >> you’re going to try it out. >> you yelled over from the desk, said stephanie, will you eat bacon ice cream, bacon chocolate. i want somebody to try it. i said you try it. you said no, i want you to try it. >> with the help of fabulous people around the valley, i had them bring in bacon ice cream. this is from sweet republic. they have a fantastic reput



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