Bite Sized, Fried Pies

Bite sized, fried pies
we’re doing another american classic with scott peacock. i think we’re going to do some fried southern pies today. >> you bet, nancy. we’re going to make pie dough. we have a cup and a half of unbleached all purpose flour. unbleached means a good crust. we have a teaspoon of kosher salt. a half teaspoon of granulated sugar. i just mix those together straight on the board. got a couple tablespoons of lard and eight tablespoons unsalted butter. these are very cold, straight from the fridge. we cut these into rough chunks. we have ice water. keep all of this as cold as you can when working. make a trough in the center, and just sprinkle one tablespoon of water at a time. >> just one? oh, at a time. >> you go here and fluff quickly. then make your trough again. just keep repeating this. so there we go. now, this is the next step. the french call this the frissage. i call it a smear. start wi



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