Bison Nachos And Red Rock Bison Burger

We’re cooking Bison Nachos and Red Rock Bison Burgers with Micah Baumstein from Ted’s Montana Grill in Cranston.
lunchtime, so you can sign up. p. for now, we’ll headl over to the kitchen to see what lily iss cooking up thiscohi morning. what’s going on. >> it’s already i lunchtime. in the kitchen, wehrmachting aina red rock burger. it’s funny when i see a brick that’s going to be use’sd as part of the processiofon buthe fuelly, i was just reading an articlecl about gwynneth paltrow and they were talking a boutbo peteing a brick on a chicken wkehich saniti zer italian way ofze cooking the chicken. it’s really not that unusual, just in my kitchen andit nice an clean too by the t way. i want to talk about the ingredients, b ecausegr your burgers are always so good. oo tell me about what’s going to bein bin this one.hi >> in is our wrapped napew red rock bug. >> mr. skwrao: why red rock? does johnn teshh serve it to you? >> i haven’t talked to him. we start off with our w bison. we have the h burger s



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