Bison Meatloaf

We’re cooking Bison Meatloaf in the kitchen with Chef Micah Baumstein from Ted’s Montana Grill.
ou own videos. like it. let’s he ad over to the kitchen. patrick little is with ted’s montana grill. >> with mike and raul from ted’s montana grill. nothingg like bison meatloaf foroa breakfast. you talk about the falhel, colderer temperatures, something to warm in the heart, shocking announcement what hav e you got here? >> well, of>> course, this is our bison, our natural bison, b, steroid-free, we start that off, we first cook our vegetables, sautee them, then we’ll add some eggs, some parsley, pinch of thyme, our ted’s seasoning, the black pep, half and half, some heinz coach up and on top, we’ll — ketchup and on top, we’ll boost it with our meatloaf glaze and mix it in with bread crumbs, mix that all up, portion it up, shape tup, and, then we’ll cook it for you. >> raul, one of the more m popular dishes imagine this time ofs year. >> >> abs olutely. i mean, it’s one of those dishes



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