Bison Delmonico Steak & Margarita

We’re cooking Bison Delmonico Steak and Ted’s Signature Margarita with Ted’s Montana Grill.
let’s head to the backyard rightd now. patrick is at theic barbecue.ecu >> with oitur friends, micah and raul from ted’s montanant grill. we’re out here outside, it’s a perfect day, perfect morning to ni be barbecuing, i don’t know how many people are barbecuing this morning, but we are, what ise this, the bison delmonico steak. >> rib eye steak caught from the loin of the bison. we’re also goi ng to beso servinger it with sweitet potato and some asparagus. >> do do you anything to the bison to season it? >> we have a little lemon butter we’re going tog put down and of course our special burger seasoning, ted’sin seasoning. >> good stuff. one of these days, boys, i’m going to get it outou of you what exactly is in that secret sauce. i don’t know what i’m going to do to do it. i’m sorry. >> just putus a little salt and pepper on thehe asparagus andsp aus little butter and some brown sugar



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