Bison Burgers

We’re cooking Bison Burgers with Ted’s Montana Grill in The Rhode Show kitchen.
going into the kitchen now where vince is making bisonis burgers he andrg i’m so jealous. >> you’d better believeve it. ted’s montana grill and we are making bisonis burgers. we have raul and micah. how is everything he? tell us what’s happening. we have a nice big pile of bison b meat here. >> fresh bison. >> it doesn’t get anyet better than t hat. >> tell usel the advantages of this hover regular beef.ee >> well,>> actuallytu bison iss about 30% more protein than beef. about 30%ab less fat. steroid-free, antibiotic free, otre it’s very good for you, it tastes wonderful, and we have w plenty of it. >> raul, temperature us what’s on the menu if i’m coming down to ted’s, what canat i expect to see? >> we have a casual die ning ni restaurant, pretty much anythinget you’re looking for, we carry. we do have seafood items, crab cakes, fresh cedar planknk bu burgers, we haveha steaks, rib eyes



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