Bin Wine Bar

Lowertown District in St. Paul
little routine — >> then good for you. you have a lot of dates. >> but maybe a little boring if you’re dating the same person. >> ouch. >> why don’t you check out lower down st. paul? we’ve lined up half-price deals. today’s deal is for bin wine bar, a perfect spot to cozyup a date or hang out with a few girlfriends. if you think you have no idea what to order, don’t worry. they’ll help you out. >> maybe, for some guy out there, the date is a few girlfriends. good for you, buddy. >> i guess. >> they’ve got the light food items there, flat bread pizas there, grilled sandwiches, cheese and cracker plates, too. you make a great one, but i’m sure they make a very good one as well. you can pick up a $50 gift certificate for just 25 bucks. check out our “deals” tab for details. while on the site, we also have deals for the black dog cafe and station four. both of those places are right near b



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