Bill Bellis Shares His Family Recipe For Meatballs

This is as authentic as it gets
phone on your screen for more information. >>> we will introduce you to the squeaky voice in a second. >> that’s me. >> usually the voice is a little deeper and he’s telling us about the weather changes and he’s the guy that we turn to when we want to know tell us bellis trivia and such. but bill bellis is cooking up something else for us in the kitchen. he’s brought along mini me avery. >> how old are you? >> about to turn three in august. >> august 1st. >> that’s right. >> and he’s not camera shy, by the way. >> at all, at all. but we love that you brought him today because he really kind of is — if we were at the bellis household, this would be a night. you would have the kids in the kitchen, have your wife hopefully cooking something and then you would be perhaps — >> i prepped this pot of sauce, what i call the yakabelli special. hot italian sausage, pork chops ask my famous turke



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