Bill Bellis Chats About Life Outside Of Tv

What does the chief meteorologist like to do off screen?
screen. >>> we are back with bill bellis to find out more about the man behind the maps. we have left avery in the kitchen. he’s about up to here in parm. >> i brought extra diapers, you’re doing the changing. >> no, no, i have those coming in a little while but for now i am completely potty trained in my house, have been for years. let’s start with the family. you’ve got a daughter who is 6, all girl apparently because — >> 120%. and my wife is not all girl. she is an ultimate frisbee player, i interviewed her on a morning show in houston. that’s how you met her, and — how i met her, and 5 1/2 months we got married in vegas. >> truly love at first sight, because 5 1/2 months later — >> i took her to a sports bar, one of our first dates. sitting there and she says cool, sports center is on and i went — >> yes. you’re like you? i’m going to marry you. >> i think we were actually in ho



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