Bikeshow At Ribfest

Ribfest begins Friday in St. Pete, and a bike show will be included in the festivities.
>> reporter: i sure do, deiah. not a tough job. motorcycle enthusiasts have probably seen this, “full throttle” magazine out of oldsmar. it’s coming to rib fest for the first time this year, putting on a bike show. i’m joined by the man behind the bike show. this is your first year. why rib fest? >> rib fest — so many people here. it’s an awesome bike show with high-end bikes. >> reporter: we have had bike shows in the past but this is on a whole new level. tell me what is new. >> some of the bikes are worth $1,100,000 and won many awards. some of the bikes are worth $100,000. this is a harley custom firefighter tribute bike with lights and everything. this is one you will see. >> reporter: more than 60 on display this weekend and it’s a contest, too. speaking of bikes, meet jeff with the bmx stunt show. you can’t meet the bmx bike team this morning because they got in late last night a



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