Big Night Out Walleye

harbor fish market and grille
>> welcome back. back in the kitchen, talking basics. we’re going to show you the basic way to do fish. we’re hanging out in the kitchen with chef ben who knows fish, from the harbor fish market. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> we’re having our november big night out, you guys do — that’s your specialty, fish, lobster boil. >> fish, king crab, jumbo crab. we love the fish at the harbor. >> lots of butter. we’re really excited about the menu. it has a surf and rf thing going on. we’ll talk about that in just a minute. when i was talking about the show, his idea, he said let’s talk about the basic idea to sae fish. there is right way and wrong way to do it. >> with the wall eye’s in this recipe, it’s very simple. it’s a classic french recipe. a sauce, and very simple and dolls up the fish in a big way. >> got some butter in it, so we’re meting butter here. — melting butter. i sai



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