Big Night Out

big night out at plum hill cafe in kaukauna
>> welcome back, everybody. okay, it’s the new year. maybe you need to get out more, do something fun. you have to come to one of our big night out its, they are a blast, and the next one is february 2. mark your calendar, talk about it. we’re going to a great make in kaukauna, and here toll us about the place, show us what we’re serving, and also do a couple of recipes for us is chef stephanie jacobs. good morning. >> good morning. >> so tell us about plum hill and kaukauna. >> plum hill is a cafe. we specialize in gluten-free products. we use a lot of fresh ingredients. we have a full breakfast menu. lunch, lots f sandwiches. then we have a dinner menu. >> and a great spot, i understand the atmosphere is just beautiful. >> yes, it’s a cafe, designed around art. and very nice. >> very acquaint. >> very acquaint. >> you want to linger a little bit. you don’t want to rush in and out. so w



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