Big Game Eats Made Easy With Spartan

How about a layered taco dip, mini sandwiches, BBQ wings and cupcakes shaped like a football field for your big game feast? Now, how about having all that without spending a second in the kitchen? If you are looking for easy, tasty ideas to feed the crowds gathered around to watch the big game next weekend, look no further than your local Spartan Stores. They’ve got incredible party platters ready for you to pick up, put out, and please everyone. Racheal and Terri get a taste of what they have to offer.
a big part of that “sunday game”… so why not make it super easy on yourself — d & w does with its party trays and sweets! sweets!larry huizenga and with us today…. before we get to the big game weekend, we have a very big event this weekend…. in case you’ve missed hearing about it…ha – ha – ha..we’re having



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