Big E Fried Stuff

Big E Fried Stuff
and you know,- the fri ed fooowd is sinfully good, and,on its own is worth the visit. from fried cheescake t fo fried mushrooms, fried cheese curd to corn dogs…the big e is full of grease, calories and decadent treats…but for some,ts it’s the fried oreos that take top billing. , , we wanted to try em cuz we never hear nd of deep fried oreos, and what did you think? i liked em, i wish i knew how i the batter was, i would make em at home but this year, the big e has a newhe treat called the craz-e burger. it’s a bacon cheeseburger with a h honey glazed donut bun–deep fried…a 15 hundred calorie treat that makes your mouth water. , it’s the one day oft’ the year you just throw caution tsto the wind and have a good timnde e , yeah actually he was the one that told me about it, and we decided that it sounded lithke t fun, so we decided to split oneid and see how it goes and thew craz-e



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