Big Daddy’s BBQ Serves Up Good Food At Affordable Prices

Successful Valley restraunteurs try their hand at barbeque
you in a second. i miss you already. >> sounds good. have fun. >>> the type of barbecue you like may depend on where you’re from. in my opinion it does. there’s the texas barbecue which i’m a huge fan of, kansas city, even north carolina, no matter what kind you like we found a place that offers great food and affordable prices. ray mills takes us on a tour of big daddy’s barbecue. >> big daddy’s barbecue is authentic food in an environment. we use all hickory pits, cooked low and slow. we don’t use are — we don’t rush anything. the barbecue is a light coating of a crust on before we serve it and give you plenty of sauce you can choose on your home. you can always add more but can’t take it away. it’s tremendous how good it is and how he can eat healthy if you want to and you can really enjoy it health if you want as well. we stick to just traditional barbecue, we have brisket, tritip,



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