Big Daddy Porterhouse Steak

We cooked ‘Big Daddy Porterhouse Steak’ with Chef John Granta of Camille’s Restaurant.
>> this is a beast feast. >> we’re talking porter house, a side of potatoes, but we’re doing potatoes in a differe way. >> we’re doing a man’s version of potato salad. roasted potato salad with the cheese and bacon. >> show me how to start this. >> i’m going to put these in here, you’re going to help me out a little bit. >> what kind of potatoes are these. >> yukon golds. >> a little olive oil on top? >> what difficult was roasted them off with olive oil, salt and pepper, and that’s all and if you want, just throw the onions in there. >> and then you just cut them in half. >> that’s all i did with these, because they’re nice and small. you ca buy the baby ones in the market. >> we’ve already grilled off our porter house steak. you saw the rub in the first couple of segments. >> throw the bacon in there. >> about how much bacon? >> all of it. >> for people at home. >> it’s about a cup. >>



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