Big Cooking: Inferno Di Pollo Del David

Chef Alan Zannella prepared Inferno di Pollo del David.
in johnston. i was talking to one of the owners who said this is the best kept secret in rhode island. ain’t no more. >> word is getting out. >> you’re making inferno chicken, right? >> yes. >> this came from a viewer, rita. >> rita amandi, i believe is her last name. >> she said i know this fantastic restaurant, please have the restaurant on and have the chef on and have him cook a dish. you asked for it, you got it. chef, tell us what we need to do here. >> start by flouring the chicken. >> the chicken has been pounded down. >> on the shiny side, don’t pound it there, pound it on the other side so it sticks. flour both sides. start with the prosciutto down. >> the prosciutto down. >> right. tap off excess flour so it doesn’t burn the pan. >> thuf on a medium, medium-high heat? >> you want it pretty high. >> it’s olive oil. >> extra virgin, don’t cook with extra virgin, it burns. >> thi



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