Best Pizza In Lexington Contest

Here with MOD Pizza for our Best Pizza in Lexington contest
3 welcome back to midday kentucky everyone… its time to take a c1 3 mod p take a look at my pizza as part of the best pizza in lexington contest where we pay the best people in local restaurants tha is so big … really i know. amanda got aroun you well lit and look at week c1 3 the uniqueness about your pizzas? patsy owens: we just put a whole lot of love into our pizzas. we are one of those no peanut, no preservatives, no dyes in any of our ingredients, and i think why it sets us apart, but it definitely our people here, that work here at mod- speaker 1: awesome. patsy owens: that makes it so awesome. speaker 1: well, you guys have been absolutely fantastic. well, i’m gonna let you go ahead and finish making this and pop it in the oven- patsy owens: sure. speaker 1: and we’re gonna give it a taste. troy is here, and also michelle, aka emily is here, and she’s gonna taste the pizza wi



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