Best Of Rhode Island: The Winners

From the best restaurant to the best beach, Rhode Islanders picked their favorites from throughout the state.
how special this is for the people here in the t ocean state. it is really something to be proud of. it’s really kind of a life changing thing. we heard all the stories aboutri the folksks recognized by rhreode island monthly. right after that, business goes boom. >> as a matter of fact, on the rhode island we had someone featured on lastn year’s on the cover, rhode islandr, monthly. . the next day she had h a huge order so it’s really a big deal. >> we’re enjoying some of those cupcakes tonight. let’s get right to it. let’s take a ls ook at the winners. here it is. >> the best of rhode island issue is a year long process. it’s a way to really shiney the s spotlight on the state of rhode island, an issue that’s important to us. people look forward to it. probably theob biggest issue of the year.e >> it’s telling people what’s going on so they can go out and know, they’re going to have a



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