Best Of Rhode Island: Clam Cakes

Ben Hague tastes the competition for the best clam cakes in Rhode Island.
>> the station hired ben hague. he’s at this fun guy. no surprise, he’s mingling at the party. ben, what are you up to? >> we’re down here on the stage. people are dancing, mingling, we’re having a blast. when you think of rhode island in the summer time, you think of one treat in e t particular. take a look. >> summer time, after a long hot day at the beach, only one decision to make. aunt carry’s? or eggy’s. grabbing a dozen clam cakes, the most popular hang out will find its way on that list. >> right this way. >> brought my mom. she’s going to be 90 years old. i remember when we came down here as kids. >> have you been here before. >> for years. >> you come in — >> from connecticut. you better believe it. >> a fixixture for 90 years, it was the families that kept the place in business. >> the clam cakes is what he remembers. he wasas bringing his great grandchildren in his 80s. >> i



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