Best Gas Grills

Best gas grills
and plenty of people will be firing up the barbecue. if yours is rusted out and gummed up, it may be time for a new one.but which is best? noe mayotte considers himself to be the “king of the grill.” “i love grilling because you’re outside. you can enjoy thweather. you can enjoy the sunshine.”noe swears by his charcoal grill. but far more people are buying gas grills these days. our partners at consumer reports magazine have just tested almost 50 “the grills ranged in price from as little as $130 up to nearly $2,200.” flare-ups can be a big concern. testers evaluated grills by cooking rib-eye steaks..hmm, tough job. they looked for flare-ups when turning over the steaks.testers also used sensors to see if temperates were even across the grill’s cooking surface. the 800-dollar team grill patio series pro did not score a touchdown in that area. “it probably seems like a great idea to be ab



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