Berry Breakfast

Berry Breakfast
>> i can’t tell you how excited i was to be in the kitchen today because harmons is here. chef casey and the bacon smell is come nght newsroom, everyone wants to come in the kitchen, chef lesley, at home, recovering from surgery, we hear you are watching and will do our best to make you proud. >> i will try t is is a lot to live up to. >> what are we making. >> a savory strawberry breakfast with bacon, mushrooms, strawberries and a little greens we’re doing bacon with berries? those two go together? >> they do sweet and savory are a great pairing i can’t wait to see, we will throw in all those onions you said i could be the chef but if you need to get in here and take over– i won’t be offended. >> cooking is not as hard as anybody thinks it is. soften the on yen, just wait a second. >> when casey says cooking isn’t hard, they do have cooking classes at harmons all the time that are incr



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