Ben’s Favorite Steak

We’re cooking ‘Ben’s Favorite Steak’, ‘Sophie’s Potato Salad’, Oriental Green Beans with Thai Basil and Summer Fruits Cranachan with Ben Hague’s dad, Bill in the kitchen.
movie. let’s head to the backyard barbecue. my dad is cooking up some of his favorite dishes with patrick little. >> ben, i’ve been waiting all year for this opportunity to get your dad on live tv and ask him what it was i really like raising ben hague. >> this show is not long e lnough to go into. so we’re not going to go into it. >> >> first of all,ir welcome to the show, i know you live over in o scotland, so youot came a long way to cook at “the rhode show.” >> i did. i wanted to cook everything ahead of time and bring it over, but they wouldn’t let me bring half of the stuff on the plane. >> not only does itdo look good, it smells good. is this thehe bill hague secret recipe for what? w >> it’s>> no easy recipe. it’s the summer barbecue 4th cu hof july weekenden comingg up, get food o ut on the table for your friends and family without having to spend a lot of time doing it. >> what



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