Bend KFC Hit By Bandage-In-Food Claim

NewsChannel 21’s Homa Quazilbash reports on a California woman’s claims that her family found a bandage in a KFC sandwich in Bend.
secret recipe… a california woman visiting central oregon tells us her family found a bandage in a chicken sandwich from the k-f-c on south highway 97 in bend last night .. ### “well we were eating and m husband took a couple bites, and saw something in the sandwich and pulled on it a little bit and thought that was disgusting oh my god” biancca parazzo says she first contacted the restaurant.. and was offered a refund or gift cards by the manager.. then, she got in touch with local and state health departments.. and while some may be skeptical, parazo says she just wants to raise awareness… ### “they really don’t have any reason to believe me but i contacted as many different health departments and better business bureau so that problem can be taken care of.. my son was eating kfc as well and i don’t want anyone else to go through wondering, omg, is my family going to get sick now?”



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