Ben Wants To Know: Summer Treats!

Today in “Ben Wants to Know”, we’re talking about your favorite summertime beverages.
To you guys.nnToday in ben wants toan know, ,we’re talking about yourr favorite summertime beverages. I think schmitty already has hearst. I headed out in the ocean state to find your favorite summertime treats when the temps are high.nnWe decided to take a bikea ride today and we got a little hungry and a little a warm, so we stopped here to get ice cream.nnA margarita.nnYes. Y.nnA girl after my own heart. Where’s your favorites place to p get a margarita?nnHarborside at cello’s.nnEverybody has a little captains in them.nnWhat’sha your favor summertime drink.nnMilk mustache.nnReaches for the milk.nnProbably the strawberry lemonade at fat belly’s pub on main street.nnReally. Delici ous. Any snacks you can’t live without? Are you snacking onu carrots in n thee summertime gal or whatever?nnI’m a chips and dip kind ofd person. Guacamole in the summer.nnGuacamole is very specific in s the su



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