Ben Wants To Know: How Much Can You Eat?

Ben Hague battled the interns in a tough all-you-can-eat contest. Check out the video to see who came out on top.
>> i’m awake now. a >> this week in “ben wants to know” our “the rhode show” interns work pretty hard “the rhode show,” to bring theri show to you every day, e so we wanted edto reward them with a niceic meal, but of course, that turthned into an heating challenge. take a look. today i’ m going to take the interns in thein first ever “the e rhode show” eating challenge. ben wants to know, how much can you eat? >> that is a big first place. she’s a sprinter, not a marathon runner. >> keep going. >> did you hear what he said? ben is going to get a utility belt with spoons and forks on it.. >> you have to go with a b aase. >> wha t did you have, the morning meal?rn >> birthday cake. >> what’s under there? are you really hiding stuff. what is under there is this. >> oh my gosh. it’s a full piece of chicken. >> i’m going to be honest with you, she’s going right along, slowing down a little, b



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