Ben Hague At The Great Chowder Cook-Off

The greatest international chowder championship will officially commence the start of the summer season on Saturday, June 5th. Enjoy endless samples of chowder prepared by a culinary tour de force of creative chefs from around the globe, each perfecting a recipe to provoke all challengers in the ultimate quest for chowder triumph.
usually you think of a place ce like new engla ndke or even manhattan. tamanhattan. >> how do you say it? >> i don’t like tha dt kind of k chowder. you don’t normally think about this, but what aboutt alaska? ben ha gue is live at the newport yachtingya center in newport, withew aa first for the great annual could you derry district cookoff. >> you can’t see it, but we have like paparazzi behind p us righst now. they all wants to see this lady standing to my left, tracey la barge, we want to see what someone from alaska looks like and you look kind of like us. >> i do. i actually have a tan, we’ve had nice weather. >> she said s we’ve had greae’t weathe r in alaska, we’ve hit the h 60’s and 70’s, it’s been hot. a little muaggy here for you. >> a little muggy. >> i watch “deadliest catch” andan you said these king crab legs came from the time bandit, which is one of the ships, if you guys



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