Behind The Pages Of Nside Magazine

Meet a local restaurant mogul!
>>> welcome back to san antonio living. a few weeks ago we featured one of those women and this morning we’re spotlighting kathy amada. she is co-owne nearly 50 subway restaurants as well as ruby tuesdays and she is joining us this morning. thank you for coming today. we talked about powerful women and now we’re meeting another one. kathy, i’m a big fan because i read about you on the express news on the inside magazine. you got my two favorite restaurants really in theworld, i think. and you have done such amazing things with them. so very nice to meet you, thank you. >> nice to meet you. nice for having us. >> how do you find these great businessing women. >> great, smart and beautiful. the great looking covers i have had. through credibility and other things out. the publication is drawing a strong crowd of professionals both on the medical side and business side. >> kathy, tell me ho



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