Beer & Wine Sales Approved

Marshall and Highlands voters and Mills River residents agree on beer and wine sales.
measure. they’re either going to be paid for on the land transer tax…or an increase in real property tax. and tell us which one you want. to me they resoundingly told us they want to see us pay for it with an increase in property taxes. ((butt to))our mission was to educate the public decided this…it was not the ard of realtors…it was the voter who decided. and we simply put out information on why we thought it was a bad idea and they seemed to have agreed. agreed. commissioners say the negative vote doesn’t change the fact that mills river…and hillandale elementary schools need to be replaced with new buildings. and that means they may have to increase property taxes to pay for the school…or ask voters next year to approve an increase in live in sherrill barber, news 13. another hot button issue for three mountain towns this november: alcohol. alcohol. marshall has voted t



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