Beer Tax On Tap For Health Care?

(WWLP) The federal government’s considering a plan to raise taxes on beer, wine, and sugary sodas.nnTo read the complete story log on to WWLP.com.
end up paying nearly two dollars more for a case of beer and that money would help fund universal he falthun insurance. beer taxes would go up by 48 cents a six- pack. wins e taxes swould increase by 49 centscr per cbottle, and the tax on hard liquor would jump by 40 cents per fifth. advocates for the increased taxes say this money iseycould help cover an estimated 50 million uninsured amerioicans. wed talked to local residents who were purchasing alcohol for altheir memorial day weekend festivities and they had mixed reactions to the proposal.to p well i think we’re overtaxed already. there’s enougadh taxehes e out there. it’s timet to reduces the size of governthment and go remeduce taxes on the consumaxer. i think government has been nthitting cities and town really hard. we don’t have rdthe revenue ththat we used to have and ied hasupport anything we can do to e raise revenue. i wish



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