Beer Cheese Dip

beer cheese dip from curly’s pub
he’s going to show us how to make a great game day dip. >> superbowl’s right around the corner. i have a great idea for your party. we’re making a beer cheese dip. very, very simple recipe, but very, very good, and people just love it. four quick ingredients, we’re starting with cream cheese, and softened cream cheese. the softer, the better. i’m going to work this a little bit and soften it up. my next ingredient, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. i’ve just got a dry ranch packet here, ranch dressing mix. it adds a lot of flavor. add some of that. i just have some nice shredded wisconsin cheddar cheese. i’m going to save a little bit that have cheese so i can put it on top. then, the secret ingredient is a little beer. i have some miller lite beer here. in cooking, you can always add more, but you can never take out. we’re going to start with a little bit. we don’t want it to get to



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