Beer 101

Shawn joined co-owner of Mews Tavern Dan Rubino and introduced Blue Moon Beer for the Mews Brews Tavern Party.
of miews tavern. head janitor. >> headea janitor, that’s vtoery er distinguished. is >> thank you. >> thank you so much for bringing jennife r and laura of o blue moo n brewing company. >> my mpleasure. >> you ladies, you know all there is to know about blue moon. how did it start? >> actually was bornwa b in 1995 at the sand lot brewery, which is locatedd in coors field, which is home of the colorado rockies. >> who? >> the colorado rockies. >> they’re in aaa. >> i don’t remember. >> any way, keith is the brew master and he developed it backba in 1995 and he is on of very few brewers throughout the world that has a ph.d. in brewing. >> imagine being ane doctor in brewing. >> i>> wish i would have knownld about that when i was in highh school. >> exactly. they never push thath as a major. here’s its thing. there’s a lot of beers on tap here at miewsws taver 69 as a matter of fact.tt how



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