Beef Tenderloin With A Bourbon Teriyaki Glaze For Dinner

Try something new for dinner with this sweet finish of a sauce.
show. i’m stephanie sandoval. cooking for crowds is the name of the game today because as you know, extremely common during the holidays and you know when you have a lot of hungry mouths the feed? it’s not always easy to find a meal that’s sort of the universal crowd pleaser. i have one for you today, from chef bryan from the capital grill. he’s preparing a roasted beef tenderloin with the glaze. >> it’s good to be back. >> we’re doing a whole roasted beef tenderloin. the reason whyyit’s easy, when you feed a crowd, trying to find something that cooks faster and easy is hard to do. it’s a little more money to do a beef tenderloin, but you’re feeding 12 people, you can feed them with one tenderloin. the best place to look is any of the warehouse stores, sam’s club, costco. pork tenderloin, you can do a couple of small pork tenderloins or a whole pork loin as well. >> this is the cut right



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